Effective Solutions for Killing and Removing Japanese Knotweed in Bath, Somerset

Japanese knotweed is a problem that costs the UK government more than £150 million a year to control. Over the 10 years, Y.R.S. Bath Ltd has researched and developed a method of killing Japanese knotweed. Based in Bath, Somerset, our team of researchers are striving to find a way of perfecting this technique.

The Next Phase

So far, we have completed ten years of first phase research and found favourable results. For the next ten years, we want the second phase of research to comprise more fieldwork and research. We will hopefully develop more positive outcomes, including a practical solution that will eradicate Japanese knotweed in the long term.

Our Findings

Like many of the greatest discoveries, the initial discovery was quite accidental, but since then, we have undertaken a painstaking process to perfect our method. After exploring how our method affects Japanese knotweed, we have experimented with different strains in order to find the right one and we need to determine what the best delivery system would be.

Pest Control

As of right now, there is no product on the market that kills Japanese knotweed. Notoriously difficult to control, it is highly invasive and destructive. Having found a natural, potentially effective method of eradicating this menace, we believe our product will sell like the proverbial hotcakes. Get in touch to find out more about how you could contribute to our research.

Contact us today, in Bath, Somerset, to discover more about killing Japanese knotweed.